Community Planning Task Force

  • The Grand Forks School Board is engaging a process to explore and identify long-range facilities needs and financial implications and to align community values with contemporary educational experiences through the work of a diverse, citizen-represented Facilities Task Force that will serve in an advisory capacity to the Grand Forks School Board.

    The purpose of the Facilities Task Force will be to:

    • Review demographic community growth data and projections; consider enrollment trends and grade and/or school configurations;
    • Understand innovative instructional models and the facility requirements to support student needs and programming;
    • Review and understand the Districts’ current financial position as well as financing options available to support potential projects;
    • Brainstorm, explore, evaluate, and refine potential long-term flexible and fiscally responsible solutions, including considering operational efficiencies and costs;
    • Consider various health and safety factors;
    • Seek and review community feedback through multiple outreach opportunities including but not limited to a community-wide;  and
    • Serve as factual “key communicators” to the Grand Forks and Grand Forks Air Force Base public school communities throughout the process;

    At the conclusion of their work, the Facilities Task Force will prepare a report summarizing its findings and including an advisory recommendation targeted for presentation to the Grand Forks School Board no later than September 2020.

    To view a list of members, please click here. To see the meeting schedule, please click here.

    More information will be added as the work of the Task Force progresses.