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    Eric Ripley - Executive Director of CTE & Techology
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    The links on this site provide you access to our CTE programs in the Grand Forks Public Schools. I hope you find this website helpful.
    We are a very diverse group of programs. They include Family and Consumer Sciences, Business and Office Technology, Marketing Education, Medical Careers, Auto Service Technology, Building Trades, Technology & Engineering Education, Graphic Arts, Information Technology, Career Education, and Character Education. We provide programs that range from exploratory to career development in many of our programs. We feel that students need to start thinking about their careers early in their schooling and that will help them in choosing classes and programs that support their career choice. We realize that students are not ready to make long lasting career plans but often a cluster of careers share many common characteristics. We also feel that a mix of academic and hands on learning provide the students with the best learning experience.

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