• Four to be Inducted into the Grand Forks Public Schools Teachers Hall of Fame

    2018 Teachers Hall of Fame


    GRAND FORKS, N.D. – Four outstanding educators have been selected for induction into the 2018 Grand Forks Public Schools Teachers Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony and reception will be held at 1:00 PM on Sunday, October 14 at the Red River High School Theater, with a dessert reception to follow. The 2018 inductees will join a notable group of 71 former educators who have been inducted in the Teachers Hall of Fame.

    Kerry Jaeger – English Teacher at Red River High School, 1978-2004. An inspirational leader both in athletics and academics, Mr. Jaeger is known for being a very important educator to many. "Mr. Jaeger was excited about his classes and it showed. His enthusiasm was contagious, and his exercises were fun. He really seemed to care about his students and their understanding of his class. He was a great teacher!" Congratulations to Mr. Jaeger as he is inducted into the Grand Forks Public Schools 2018 Teachers Hall of Fame.

    Gary Mitchell – Grade 5 and 6 Teacher and Assistant Principal at Nathan Twining; Principal at Lewis and Clark, Roosevelt, and Century elementary schools, 1963-2004. An outstanding educator, leader, and friend to many, Mr. Mitchell is remembered for his service to students and colleagues alike. "He taught me a great deal on how to deal with kids, parents, and co-workers. How do be compassionate, a good listener, fair but still, have control of the situation. I have always had a lot of respect for Gary as my first principal and I am very happy to call him a great friend today."Congratulations to Mr. Mitchell as he is inducted into the Grand Forks Public Schools 2018 Teachers Hall of Fame.

    Keith Ronkowski – Marketing Education at Red River High School, 1975-2016. For over four decades, Mr. Ronkowski instructed and inspired students and colleagues in the classroom, school store, and DECA competitions. "While I was only in the classroom with Mr. Ronkowski for three years out of his four decades of teaching, he tremendously impacted my life. I will always be very grateful for the knowledge I gained in his classes, the passion he instilled in me for business competitions, and the leadership development that occurred during my time as a DECA officer." Congratulations to Mr. Ronkowski as he is inducted into the Grand Forks Public Schools 2018 Teachers Hall of Fame.

    Annella Winger – Music Teacher at Ben Franklin Elementary, 1981-2015.  Mrs. Winger left a lasting impression on the students, families, and staff at Ben Franklin Elementary, where she served as the music teacher for over 30 years. "Not only am I lucky enough to have Annella Winger as a friend, I had her as a colleague. Everyone who was ever a colleague of Annella’s knew that she was the ultimate professional. She was the role model of what we all aspired to be. She is kind. I am sure she has never said an unkind word about another person in her life. She is the model of professionalism." Congratulations to Mrs. Winger as she is inducted into the Grand Forks Public Schools 2018 Teachers Hall of Fame.

    About the Grand Forks Public Schools Teachers Hall of Fame:

    The Teachers Hall of Fame was created in 1995 by the Grand Forks Foundation for Education and Alumni Network as a means to publicly thank and recognize outstanding and memorable retired educators who have made an impact on students. The Hall of Fame also is a means to honor the teaching profession as a whole for its vital role in shaping the future of individuals and society.

    To be eligible for the Teachers Hall of Fame, teachers must have been retired from Grand Forks Public Schools at least one year; they may have been former elementary or secondary classroom teachers, administrators, counselors, or librarians.

    Inductees are selected every other year by the Alumni Network Advisory Committee.

    Nominations of retired educators are accepted from former students, colleagues, or the general public. You can submit a nomination at any time at our website: bit.ly/2018GFPSTeachersHallofFame.

    For more information, please visit https://www.gfschools.org/Page/126 or contact Emilia Hodgson, Executive Director of the Grand Forks Foundation for Education, at (701) 787-4866, or ehodgson290@mygfschools.org.

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