MS Business Education Courses

  • 6th Grade - Exploring Technology


    EXPLORING TECHNOLOGY is a 9-week course in which students use various technologies to complete projects. Alphabetic keyboarding is used to develop proper keyboarding techniques. Students prepare a report on technology using word processing while utilizing page setup, tabs, fonts, styles, and spelling assistance. Students also prepare a simple spreadsheet, learn drawing capabilities, prepare slide show presentations, scan documents, video capture for poster design, and design and create a t-shirt. Internet research is also integrated into many of the projects that are completed.

    7th Grade - Keyboarding


    KEYBOARDING is a nine-week course designed to teach students basic keyboarding skills. The content includes instruction designed to develop alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic keyboarding skills and techniques. Students also key basic applications such as letters, memorandums, outlines, reports, and tabulations.

    8th Grade - Computer Applications 


    COMPUTER APPLICATIONS is an elective course designed to provide practical experience using application software and to acquaint students with career opportunities in the field of computers. The student will use various software applications to perform computer activities, identify uses of the computer, and become familiar with occupations dealing with computer hardware and software. Opportunities will be provided to students to improve their decision-making skills, enhance their problem solving methods, and to gain confidence in their operation of computers.