MS Family and Consumer Sciences

  • 6th Grade - Life Skills/Health

    Life Skills

    LIFE SKILLS/HEALTH is a nine-week course that will focus on developmentally appropriate experiences in several areas of Consumer Sciences including sewing, food preparation, and health-related issues and character.

    7th Grade - Life Skills

    7th Life Skills

    LIFE SKILLS will give students initial exposure to several of the areas in Family and Consumer Sciences. During the nine-week course, the units of study include careers, child care (Kid Stuff), consumerism and money management (Money, Money, Money), laundry, manners (Clean Up Your Act!), and food and nutrition (Now You're Cookin).

    8th Grade - Life Skills

    8th Life Skills

    LIFE SKILLS is a semester course that includes units on personal development/child care, foods/nutrition, career planning, and sewing/clothing. Decision making skills are stressed in all units.