HS Business Education Courses

  • Keyboarding

    • 16603-KEYBOARDING is designed as an introductory course to help students improve their alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic touch-typing skills, while enhancing their accuracy and speed development. Students will learn basic features of the word processing software to give them a greater comfort level with computers. Course content includes the keying of basic applications such as letters, memorandums, outlines, report and tables.

    Comp Apps

    • 16605-COMPUTER APPLICATIONS is a course which allows students to develop advanced practices, and enhance their skills in word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, and database software using Microsoft Office (WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS and POWERPOINT). Students learn to use utilities to sort, merge, copy, back up, and recover data.  Designed for students who want an introductory, yet solid foundation in this integrated software package, this course is good for both college preparation and personal use. It will include development of formatting skills for basic business documents.


    • 16610-PERSONAL FINANCE is a learning experience that involves business activities such as banking, accounting, money management, and other economic concepts. Students will explore issues of ethics, integrity, and confidentiality as they relate to the business environment. Real-life situations would include; payroll, taxes, checking accounts, savings and investments plans, automobile/housing, insurance, budgeting, and proper credit use. Problems will be solved through the use of calculators and computer related software.


    • 16611-ACCOUNTING I is a preparatory class designed to provide students with a thorough background in basic accounting procedures. This class prepares students to understand the basic concepts necessary to manage the finances, sales, and expenses of a business. Accounting I students will learn about journals, general ledgers, automated accounting systems, balance sheets, income statements, and payroll systems for both a proprietorship and a corporation. This course is recommended for students wanting an introductory foundation in bookkeeping for a business and is good for both college preparation and personal use.
    • 16612-ACCOUNTING II is designed as a continuation of the study of accounting principles for those interested in businesses and retail college degrees. Students will develop and demonstrate skills on the computer. Also, advanced accounting principles will be presented including depreciation, inventory, accruals, deferrals, notes, and tax related forms.


    • 16614-BUSINESS AND OFFICE DIRECTED STUDY is an individualized study of one of the courses offered in the Business and Office Technology area. Students who may not be able to register for all wanted courses due to schedule conflict, course cancellations, and any other unforeseen situation, may enroll in one of the directed studies to complete the course independently with assistance from the instructor. The instructor will provide the student with all course materials to complete the course. Credit will be given to the student upon completion of the course materials.

    Bus Law

    • 16615-PERSONAL & BUSINESS LAW is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study the requirements of the laws which are enforced upon individuals and businesses. Topics covered include court systems, contract requirements, felonies and misdemeanors, torts and crimes, and types of business organization. Speakers and field trips are incorporated into the class.


    • 16618-VIDEO PRODUCTION I (Taught at Red River) is a first-level course designed to introduce students to good video knowledge base and operation of video production equipment. Emphasis is placed on proper use and application of communication technology to achieve specific objectives. Students are actively involved in both field and studio productions with a variety of purposes. The student will learn how to operate TV cameras, audio equipment, video-switching and processing & editing equipment, and recorders.
    • 16619 - VIDEO PRODUCTION II (Taught at Red River) provides students with the opportunity to build on the skills learned in Video Production I. Emphasis is placed on direction and production using program proposals, scripts, and story boards to produce refined professional productions.


    • 16625-MULTIMEDIA AND IMAGE MANAGEMENT will provide students the opportunity to use their digital images and videos to create meaningful documentation and production. This course examines the use of software to create images, logos, backgrounds, and control buttons for digital display in multimedia and Internet applications. Students will learn image-editing, animations, file compression, digital audio/video editing, and planning for multimedia applications.

    Microsoft Information Process Specialist Program


    MICROSOFT INFORMATION PROCESS SPECIALIST PROGRAM provides the opportunity for students to take Microsoft Computer Software Applications followed with the option of taking one, two, or three of the additional classes designed to prepare students to take the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) exams. Upon passing the exam, students are then certified as a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist for that particular area. Being a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist provides a valuable industry credential that proves the student has the application skills required by employers. Students in the program receive concentrated training on various applications of the microcomputer including keyboarding, word processing, database management, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, web page design, Internet etiquette, operating systems, and microcomputer hardware.

    • 16620-MICROSOFT WORD continues instruction and practice in document composition, formatting, proofreading, and editing skills, which will improve efficiency and productivity. This course also will teach the advanced components and applications of the program to provide an expert level in this program. Students enrolled in this course may obtain the Microsoft 23 Certified Application Specialist in Word to certify their skills for industry and to obtain advanced career placement opportunities.
    • 16621 WEB DESIGN introduces students to a variety of ways to create and maintain web pages. The students will focus on the overall production processes with particular emphasis on design elements involving layout, navigation, and interactivity. The basics of web design programming languages and web design software will be taught along with the additional media inputs within a website (e.g. video, animation, sound, scrolling marquees, forms, contacts, and other additional components). Careers in web design are explored and students are provided with opportunities to increase their communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills to be able to design, inform and be affective.
    • 16622-MICROSOFT EXCEL students will use the operating system and spreadsheet software to analyze business trends and solve problems for business and personal use. This course will develop skills in designing worksheets, writing formulas, analyzing data, charting data, collaborating, managing data, pivot charts/tables, macros and web pages. Students enrolled in this course may obtain the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in Excel to certify their skills for industry and to obtain advanced career placement opportunities.
    • 16623-MICROSOFT POWERPOINT AND PUBLISHER students will use presentation software to create colorful and effective business presentations. Students will learn advanced features (e.g. video, web pages, hyperlinks, action buttons, customization features, etc.) of the presentation software and how to present materials correctly to diversified audiences. Students enrolled in this course may obtain the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in PowerPoint to certify their skills for industry and to obtain advanced career placement opportunities. Microsoft Publisher teaches students the process of creating a document that looks professionally designed and printed by using desktop publishing software. This includes sizing and inserting photos, graphics, and line drawings to the text copy. Some of the documents students will produce include newsletters, business cards, advertisements, brochures, flyers, menus, catalogs, and other materials that utilize different types of print.