HS Family and Consumer Sciences Courses

  • HS Life Skills

    • 16701-LIFE SKILLS is an introduction to food and nutrition, relationships, communication skills, child development, basic sewing, housing and money management. Labs and projects are an important part of the learning in this class.

    Child Dev

    • 16072-CHILD DEVELOPMENT is designed for students who want to understand human growth and development from prenatal through one year of age. Current topics such as teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and birth defects will be discussed.
    • 16073-CHILD GUIDANCE will provide the opportunity to study and interact with children preschool through second grade age. The physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of children ages 1-6 is covered. Current topics include but are not limited to child abuse and neglect, discipline, social skills, school readiness, single and foster parenting, children with special needs and adoption.

    HS Ind

    • 16704-INDEPENDENT LIVING is designed to provide skills and knowledge to live successfully after high school. The class covers financial decision making, understanding and managing credit, housing, insurance, communication skills, and consumer rights and responsibilities.

    HS Foods

    • 16705-FOOD FOR TODAY will prepare students to meet individual and family food choices based on nutrition and personal lifestyles. Lab experiences develop cooking skills and food preparation techniques.
    • 16706-SPECIALTY FOODS offers food preparation in specialty foods, including desserts, appetizers, soups, salads, breads and cultural cuisine with an emphasis on food presentation.

    HS Fashion  

    • 16710-FASHION & TEXTILE TRENDS is a project-oriented course introducing students to many aspects of the fashion industry. Course topics include the use of color, art principles, design details, merchandising, apparel production, and careers in the fashion industry.

    HS Early  

    • 16711-EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION emphasizes the student's involvement with children. Work experience will include day cares and elementary or children in special needs classrooms. Students will be CPR certified and have prepared teaching materials to take with them after completion of the class. Students should plan for their own transportation to various work experience sites.

    HS JET

    • 16712-JUNIOR EDUCATORS OF TOMORROW (JET) Each JET student will be assigned to a cooperating elementary or middle school teacher and will spend a minimum of one hour in the classroom each day school is in session. Students will meet with the supervising high school teacher at least three times per quarter. Student will provide own transportation to and from the school. Regular journal assignments and in-school assignments will be expected.

     HS Family

    • FAMILY LIVING is an elective course that equips students with strong relationship skills. It helps teens understand and strengthen family ties now and in the future. Some topics covered are: Roles and Relationships; Resolving Conflicts; Balancing Work and Family Life; Handling Crises; Divorce and Remarriage; Understanding Death; Working with Others; Relating to Older Adults; On Your Own. (COMMUNITY HS ONLY)

    HS Clothing

    • CLOTHING AND TEXTILES is an elective course for students that want to learn basic sewing skills. The student completes a packet of information covering basic sewing equipment and skills. The student then completes various projects of their choosing. (COMMUNITY HS ONLY)