HS Marketing Education Courses

  • HS Intro to Market

    • 16602-INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING & BUSINESS consists of units on business organizations, consumerism, banking, insurance, credit, money management, taxes, and marketing. Students will explore important entrepreneurship concepts, characteristics of different types of business organizations and opportunities for a business. It is designed as an introductory class on the basic concepts of business and marketing as it relates to our society and us.

    HS Market I  

    • 16630-MARKETING I deals with the fundamentals of a broad range of topics including: the job advertising and promotion, visual merchandising, human relations, communications, retailing, store operations, market research, salesmanship and leadership skills. Students will develop these skills by directing the daily operations of the school store and DECA activities. Computer simulations are also utilized to reinforce business principles learned throughout the course. Marketing/Retailing prepares students to successfully enter the work force. Many examples deal with sport and event marketing. Marketing/Retailing also benefits those students planning on attending college by giving them a solid business background. Students interested in Marketing/Retailing should also read about Marketing Co-op.
    • 16631-MARKETING II emphasizes business management and marketing entrepreneurship. Upon completion the student will have a basic understanding of the steps necessary in starting a business. DECA Chapter activities and computerized business simulations are an integral part of this curriculum. Students interested in Management/ Entrepreneurship should also read about Marketing Work Experience.

    HS Model

    • 16632-MODEL SCHOOL STORE provides practical experience by performing all the necessary duties associated with the school store.

    Grand Central Station                                  Red River Outfitters