HS Marketing Education Courses

  • HS Intro to Market

    • 16602-INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING is designed as an introductory class on the basic concepts of business and marketing as it relates to our society and us. Students will learn about the fundamental business activities and factors affecting business, basic marketing strategies, develop verbal and written communication skills, understand job-seeking strategies and career planning. DECA is the student organization affiliated with this class.

    HS Market I  

    • 16630-MARKETING I deals with the fundamentals of a broad range of topics including: advertising, pricing, promotion, human relations, communications, retailing, market research, technical sales and leadership skills. Through the use of computer simulations and class projects students will develop a better understanding of the marketing activities. Throughout the course, students are presented problem-solving situations in which they must use academic and critical thinking skills. Marketing I also benefits those students planning on attending college by giving them a solid business background. DECA is the student organization affiliated with this course.
    • 16631-MARKETING II furthers students understanding and skills in various marketing functions. This course will emphasize business management and entrepreneurship and all students will complete a start-up business plan. DECA Chapter and School Store activities are an integral part of this course, along with computerized business simulations.

    HS Model

    • 16632-MODEL SCHOOL STORE provides practical experience by performing all necessary duties associated with the school store.

    Grand Central Station                                  Red River Outfitters  


    • 16902-MARKETING EDUCATION ASSISTANT The student will assist the classroom teacher. This course does not count toward the eligibility requirement.