HS Medical Careers Courses

  • HS Intro to Med

    • 16720-INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL CAREERS is a one period year-long class designed to introduce the student to a variety of medical related careers. Many speakers from the health care community enhance this learning experience. The course also addresses concepts specific to health care, such as infection control, medical ethics, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, growth and development. This is a good choice for students who want to explore the idea of working in the medical field.

    HS CNA

    • 16721-CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT (CNA) has been approved by the North Dakota Department of Health to prepare the student to take the CNA certification exam. This is a one period semester course designed to teach the student the skills necessary to work as a CNA. It includes sixteen hours of clinical experience at local nursing homes. This course has been articulated for college credit at Northland Community College. The student must provide his/her own transportation to the nursing home.

    HS Med

    • 16722-MEDICAL CAREERS is for students who have completed the Intro course and want to learn more. This is a two period year-long course. The student participates in tours of various local health care sites and spends nine weeks at clinical sites during the second semester. This allows the student to "try on" a variety of medical careers and settings. The class includes a deeper focus on issues such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, employability skills, legal and ethical responsibilities, communication, mental health, end of life needs, service learning projects, and wellness. The student also completes CPR and First Aid, which have been articulated for college credit at Northland Community College. HIPAA certification and Medical Terminology are also completed during Medical Careers. The student must provide his/her own transportation to tour/clinical sites.

    HS Med Terms  

    • 16723-MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY (online course only*) is designed to introduce students to the health information technology field. Students will learn prefixes, suffixes and root words for medical terms. This will include meanings, spellings and pronunciations. Emphasis is on building a working medical vocabulary based on body systems. Students will also learn medical terminology as it relates to pathology, diagnostic, surgical, clinical and laboratory procedures, and common abbreviations and acronyms by body systems.
    *This online course is offered through the Grand Forks Area Career & Technology Center. Online courses do not count towards the 6 required credits that students need to be enrolled in at each grade level.