• Grade 7


    Seventh graders and their parent(s) or guardian(s) are scheduled to attend a half-hour Student Education Career Planning (SECP) Conference with their school counselor to discuss their educational progress and plans. During the conference the sixth grade unit is reviewed and the seventh grade career unit is previewed. 

    Then, in five fifty-minute lessons seventh graders:

    • 'build' the career cluster chart (based on ACT's World-of-Work Map)
    • determine in which of the eight kinds of smarts (Multiple Intelligences) they show the most strength
    • identify occupations related to each kind of smart
    • examine the relationship between learning and earning
    • complete a small group activity that directs them to the understanding that all careers have dignity and a niche in the community
    • explore aspects of their 'ideal career'
    • learn the steps and importance of setting goals
    • update their career portfolio


    The Grade 7 Educational/Career Planning Unit Student Booklet is created and produced by the Career Education department, local counselors, and teachers. Each completed student booklet is filed in the student's career portfolio which is kept by the school counselor through the student's senior year.


    If you wish to view a current booklet, contact jennifer.george@gfschools.org Copies are available for a small fee.