• 10th Grade

    Students, are you expecting your future to magically appear? It's not going to happen! YOU have to prepare for it. Apply yourself during the Educational/Career Planning Unit and your conference with your parents and counselor.


    Sophomores in the Grand Forks Public Schools take the PLAN assessment from ACT. For students the benefits of taking the PLAN can be to:

    • stimulate thinking and planning for life after high school
    • assess status of academic preparation for postsecondary education
    • support meaningful high school course selection for junior and senior years
    • relate personal characteristics to educational and career options
    • help focus test preparation to improve ACT scores
    • provide an estimated ACT Assessment Composite score


    Once the PLAN results are received two lessons are scheduled with the sophomores to:

    • interpret the PLAN results
    • generate a list of occupations relating to the PLAN results
    • explore various educational pathways that are directed toward the student's long range career goals
    • produce a list of desirable high school courses
    • make a preliminary list of junior and senior courses for which to register
    • review and update the portfolio inserts


    The final lesson of the Grade 10 unit is scheduled individually with each student, his/her parent(s)/guardian(s), and counselor for a 30 - 45 minute Student Education Career Planning Conference (see related page).


    The Grade10 Educational/Career Planning Unit Student Booklet is created and taught by the Career and Character Education department personnel and school counselors during a required course.  Parents and students are encouraged to review the booklet together.


    If you wish to view a current booklet, contact jennifer.george@gfschools.org Copies are available for a small fee.