• 11th Grade


    Early in the school year, the school counselor schedules a classroom visit with juniors to inform them of many things that they should be doing in preparation for obtaining their high school diploma and in advancing their preparation for obtaining their postsecondary educational and career goal. Students are informed at this time of the PSAT/NMSQT. At some of the consortium high schools, juniors take the ASVAB or the PSAT exam during a school day. 

    The career unit continues second semester as juniors are assisted by the school counselor and career educator for two class periods in achieving the following goals:

    • reviewing high school graduation and postsecondary admission requirements
    • highlighting the main four postsecondary options: apprenticeship, college, job, military
    • learning how to identify the program(s) or college major(s) that would support their career goals
    • identifying colleges, apprenticeship programs, or military branches that offer the program(s) or major(s) that align with individual preferences
    • assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each option
    • updating the portfolio's insert: honors, awards, activities, paid and volunteer work


    In a separate set of lessons, the juniors are instructed by the career counselor from Job Service, North Dakota. The focus of these two lessons is to:

    • inform students of job seeking skills and entry-level skill requirements
    • assist students in preparing a professional-looking resume


    The Grade11 Educational/Career Planning Unit Student Booklet is created and taught by the Career and Character Education department personnel and school counselors during a required course.  Parents and students are encouraged to review the booklet together.

    If you wish to view a current booklet, contact jennifer.george@gfschools.org Copies are available for a small fee.