• 12th Grade


    By the senior year of high school, each student's plans and needs are unique, so too are the educational / career planning lessons.  Prior to or very early in the senior year students meet with their school counselor and parent(s)/guardian(s) for a 45 minute Student Education Career Planning Conference. During this conference the student's Educational/Career Planning portfolio as well as earned credits and GPA are reviewed. Discussion regarding postsecondary plans is a key part of this conference. Conference participants partake in a tour of the Career Center which highlights the services and programs, including Job Shadowing, that the seniors are encouraged to take advantage of.

    As ACT and SAT scores arrive, students are invited to see their school counselor for the interpretation of the results. Financial aid, scholarship, and other opportunities are announced regularly throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to use resources and knowledgeable personnel of the Student Services and Career Centers throughout their senior year to help finalize their postsecondary plans.

    The Grade 12 Educational/Career Planning Unit Student Booklet is created Career and Character Education department personnel and school counselors.  Parents and students are encouraged to review the booklet together.

    If you wish to view a current booklet, contact jennifer.george@gfschools.org Copies are available for a small fee.