• Consortium Schools

    Grand Forks Public Schools and six area schools have formed an educational consortium that provides Career and Character Education opportunities for their students.

    The Grand Forks Consortium schools include:

    Materials Provided to Consortium Schools
    Career Education:
    Materials are developed for all students in grade K-12.  These materials are delivered in the fall of the year and Mr. Eric Ripley, Career and Technology Education Coordinator, and Sandy Espe Career Educator, deliver the materials as well as visit with the principal and appropriate staff about activities for the current school year.  Mrs. Espe co-teaches with consortium teachers to deliver classroom instruction in grades 7 and 8 and grades 5 and 6 career education materials are taught by the classroom teachers.  Students begin an Educational/Career Portfolio in grade 6 to which they add each year through grade 12.

    Character Education:
    An Advisor/Advisee Resource Guide has been developed for grades 6, 7, and 8 and is delivered at the beginning of the school year.  The guides are rich in activities that encourage thoughtful discussion and/or action regarding six character traits.  Also, character education curriculum (grades K-12), developed by Grand Forks Public Schools is available for a nominal fee.

    8th Grade Career Fair:
    All 8th graders attend a career fair at one of the middle schools in Grand Forks .  The half-day experience consists of a keynote speaker and three career presentations in the students' interest areas.

    Junior Achievement:
    Training is provided each year for staff and volunteers for kindergarten to grade 6; local sponsors provide funding for the materials.

    Instructional Opportunities:
    Materials, instructional resources, direct students services, and staff inservice will be provided for the following units of instruction:

    • Grades K-6 Junior Achievement
    • Grade 5 Career Education
    • Grade 6 Career Education
    • Grade 7 Career Education
    • Grade 8 Career Education and Career Fair
    • Grade 9 Career Education
    • Grade 10 Career Education
    • Grade 11 Career Education, including Resume Unit
    • Grade 12 Career Education
    • Grades 7,9,10, and 12 Student Career/Education Conferences
    • Grade 7 Service Learning Lesson
    • Grades K-8 Character Education
      • K-4 - Lessons in Character from Young People's Press
      • Grade 5 - Integrated in social studies curriculum
      • Grades 6-8 - Advisor-Advisee/Homeroom program