Edna Twamley

  • The class of 1898 included Edna Twamley, who was later to teach at Central and still later to become a benefactor of the University of North Dakota. Miss Twamley was an instructor in English and American Literature from 1904 to 1914, a beloved teacher according to several historians of the FORX. One year she chaperoned a group of boys and girls when they went by train to Emerado to play basketball. She "did the cakewalk" in the hall of the old hotel while they all waited for a very late train to take them home. One student wrote, "We had a continual round of pleasure in the American Literature class. It was new then. Miss Twamley was experimenting on us." And among the blessings of the class of 1911 was this:

    We're thankful that Miss Twamley
    May guide us all the year.
    So we never dare to whisper
    When we think that she will hear.