Ray Bostrom

  • Ray Bostrom, '41, became a prominent business leader. He remembers taking his eighth grade classes in a church when the old Central building had been razed and the auditorium wing was being built. He was really proud of that new building and the concerts that were given there. He heard some of the famous stars in the Artist series say, "What a great high school auditorium!"

    Ray played in the band, played football, edited the Centralian, and was an honor student. But life was not always easy. "We used to play in the band at basketball games," he said. "And one time a friend and I made a little bottle of something that just smelled terrible, like rotten eggs, up in chemistry. We took it to the basketball game and opened it up under the bleacher where the band was and it was uhuhrurhuhh!" We got expelled for that. The sin was taking it out of the chemistry lab. So we got severely lectured and in fact we were on probation, suspended I guess, for the rest of the week. And we always credited Miss Bomstead, the Centralian advisor for saving us... She said, 'I need those two boys on the Centralian,' and so we got to stay in school and finish up."

    He told about football too, when practice was in Riverside Park. "Central didn't win all the time in our day, but I was lucky enough to be there when we had enough good people to pretty much be the Scrooge of this end of the state."