Gloria Tharaldson

  • Gloria Tharaldson, '57, said she never used the small school library. "After school or in the evenings, if I had to do some reports, I'd always go to the public library across the street. We could never talk in class. If we wanted to leave the room we had to raise our hands...Girls had intermural basketball and volleyball, but couldn't have sports where people were allowed to come and watch. Most sports were strictly for boys."

    "All the kids were pretty well disciplined,. The girls wore dresses and skirts and nylon stockings. The boys had crew-cut hair styles while the girls wore ponytails. Penny loafers were a popular fad in my time. Everyone wore them."

    "I liked to ice-skate and toboggan. I listened to radio a lot as we had no television. Ozzie and Harriet and The Shadow were my favorites. Movies were only 25 cents and all the candy you could want for a penny. Treasure of the Sierra Madra, with Humphrey Bogart, was a biggy back then."