Peggy Hanson Stewart

  • Peggy Hanson Stewart, the daughter of that principal who was so amused by the "Central Low Life" (see John Norby), graduated in 1956. She said, "We were not allowed to leave the building from the time we got there in the morning until time for lunch. Most kids went home and then came back, although there were some school activities during lunch - Centralian, Chorus, and a few others. When I was working on the yearbook I got passes to go out and 'get advertising' as an excuse to receive an out-of-the-building pass. Study hall passes were gotten by telling my yearbook advisor that I desperately needed to work on my pages."

    "The FORX was the big thing. It was a tremendous amount of work. In fact, we used to break into the room at night. Our yearbook room was in the basement in the lower front corner. We used to leave the windows unlatched and then come back into the building at night and work in there, even though the janitor's room was right next door."

    "We had a lot of dances, sock hops and hobnobs. The YMCA across the street is where we had our dances two or three time a week, on weekends, and after games. Hobnobs were informal dances where we played records, danced, played ping-pong, or just sat around and talked. After that we'd go to Jacobi's Hamburger Heaven or the Kegs for something to eat."