Other Faculty and Administrators

  • Ed Bohnhoff, teacher and coach from 1928 to 1966, continued his love for sports by becoming a sportscaster and commentator for radio. The 1966 FORX was dedicated to him and he was been elected to the Athletic Hall of Fame.

    Leal Edmunds, '26, taught English for many years and was advisor for Tri-Y. Some of her students remember her beautiful speaking voice and the pleasure of listening to her read.

    Arthur Evju, physics teacher, was a long-time advisor for the Student Council.

    William Pederson, '21, taught Norse, social studies and history.

    Gundrun Hulteng, '14, taught English and Norse in the 20's, married and raised a family. After her husband's death she returned to teach English. Many students thought she was one of the finest teachers of all time.

    Corwin Snyder taught industrial arts and worked as a cabinet-maker for the school.

    Carl Hagen taught government and social studies and debate. It was said that he could talk anyone into believing anything.

    W.V.Winter taught chemistry, was a coach and musician. The 1962 FORX was dedicated to "Doc Winters".

    Dorothy Zimmerman taught speech and play production. The 1960 FORX was dedicated to her for all her outstanding work.

    Other long-time teachers were Ethel Steen, '19, Esther A. Larson, Alice Boen, '28, Florence Patterson, Verl Clark, Esther G. Sateran, Edwin H. Rolfson, Bryce W. Cascaden, Earl A. McKay, and Marie Mynster Fiedler.

    Superintendents included Dr. Elroy Schroeder, Dr. Erich Selke, and Dr. Richard E. Barthart. Principals during this period were L. G. Thompson, Olton Hewitt, and Lawrence Hanson.