Renaissance Programs

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    There are numerous programs that will be implemented in stages throughout the school year. The following is a brief description of a few of the programs:

    I Got Knighted
    This program recognizes students that “get caught” doing something positive.  Up to 100 students may be “caught” during the school year.  Students receive a GFPS meal voucher and then turn in their vouchers to the deli for a breakfast sponsored by Grand Forks Child Nutrition Program.  An “I Got Knighted” certificate and letter from Mr. Kasowski are sent to the parents, explaining what character trait the student displayed at GFC and why they were “Knighted.” 

    Personal Best
    This program recognizes students who have shown a consistent effort in doing their personal best.  Faculty will nominate students who then attend an early morning breakfast with parents and/or guardians.  Certificates are awarded.

    Renaissance Gold/Silver/Bronze Cards
    This program must be applied for after students receive their first and third nine weeks report cards (students must use report cards received in the mail for the application process). About forty local businesses offer free merchandise or discounts.  Bronze, Silver, and Gold categories are based on minimum grade point averages, school activities, and no tardies and/or absences.

    Staff Member of the Quarter
    Students and staff will nominate an outstanding faculty member each quarter.  A drawing from those nominated will be awarded a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

    Stretch Award
    This award includes lunch at the Green Mill and is awarded to two students per grade who have improved their GPA the most in a 9-week grading period.

    Student of the Quarter
    Two students per grade are chosen by teachers for this award.  Students may be honored only one time during their high school career.  Students receive an engraved plaque or award, reserved parking, or other goodies!

    Students with No Tardies or Absences
    Each week, student's names will be selected at random until a student with no absences or tardies is selected. Students will then receive a gift certificate.

    Academic Pep Rally
    Near the end of the school year, students will be honored for academic excellent.  This pep rally is an attempt to acknowledge students who are involved in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that are non-sports related.  Students will be honored for everything mentioned above as well as academic achievement, renaissance scholarships, etc.