The Six Pillars of Character

  • A Trustworthy Person

    • Tells the truth
    • Does the right thing even if it's not popular
    • Shows commitment, courage, and self-discipline
    • Keeps promises
    • Returns what was borrowed
    • Stands by, supports, and protects family, friends, and country
    • Seeks advice/assistance of an adult when challenging decisions or in a dangerous or troublesome situation

    A Respectful Person

    • Appreciates and honors diversity
    • Tolerates views and beliefs that differ from personal views and beliefs
    • Supports and contributes to healthful habits and safe environments for self and others
    • Is courteous and police

    A Caring Person

    • Treats ALL people with kindness
    • Possesses an ability to emphasize with fellow human beings
    • Lends a helping hand to those in need

    A Good Citizen

    • Plays by the rules
    • Obeys laws and respects authority
    • Does their share of the work
    • Stays informed
    • Pays taxes
    • Is charitable with money and time
    • Protects the environment and conserve natural resource

    A Responsible Person

    • Thinks before acting
    • Consider the consequences of actions
    • Thinks about the long term
    • Is reliable and accountable
    • Accepts the consequences of personal actions or failures to act
    • Sets a good example for others
    • Strives for excellence and never gives up easily
    • Uses self-restraint
    • Acknowledges making a mistake
    • Reports harmful/hateful behavior to a trustworthy authority figure

    A Fair Person

    • Seeks to strike a balance between the needs and desires of the individual and the needs and desires of the community
    • Understands the distinction between justice and vengeance
    • Treats others the way they would like to be treated
    • Is open-minded
    • Listens to others
    • Makes decisions that affect others, only after appropriate considerations