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Grand Forks Public Schools #gfschools
Ben Franklin Elementary School #learningatBF
Century Elementary School #centurygf
Community High School #soundthecharge
Discovery Elementary School #Trailblazeon #Trailblazeon
Elroy Schroeder Middle School
Grand Forks Central High School Activities #OnwardCentral
Head Start
J. Nelson Kelly Elementary #ThisIsHowWeRoll
Lake Agassiz Elementary School #GFPSLA
Lewis and Clark Elementary #GFPSLionPride
Nathan Twining Elementary and Middle School
Phoenix Elementary #PhxFirebirds
Red River High School Activities #DaretoRide
South Middle School #4EverSpartans
Valley Middle School
Viking Elementary School #VikingLearners
Wilder Elementary School #WilderWayGF
Winship Elementary School #gfwinship
Ms. Akerlind's Class (South Middle School)
Mrs. Berg's Class (Winship Elementary)
Mrs. Bina's Class (Winship Elementary)
Ms. Bosman's Class (Wilder Elementary School)
Mrs. Brandvold's Class (Phoenix Elementary School)
Mrs. Buchhop's Class (Century Elementary)
Mrs. Buchhop's Class (West Elementary)
Mrs. Cebula's Class (J. Nelson Kelly Elementary)
Mrs. Chandler's Classes (Schroeder Middle School)
Ms. Debele's Class (J. Nelson Kelly Elementary)
Mrs. Dewey's Class (Winship Elementary)
Mrs. Dodd's Class (J. Nelson Kelly Elementary)
Mrs. Entzel's Classes (Community High School)
Ms. Ericson's Class (Viking Elementary)
Ms. Feole's Classes (Red River High School)
Mrs. Freund's Class (J. Nelson Kelly Elementary)
Mrs. Gillach (Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education)
Mr. Godfrey's Classes (Central High School)
Mrs. Herbeck's Class (South Middle School)
Mr. Hildebrand's Class (Viking Elementary)
Mrs. Honkola's Class (Viking Elementary)
Mrs. Huss's Class (Viking Elementary)
Mrs. Johnson's Class (Ben Franklin Elementary)
Mrs. Johnson's Class (Viking Elementary)
Mrs. Junes' Class (Phoenix Elementary)
Mrs. Kilber's Class (Viking Elementary) #kilberskinders
Mrs. Korsmo (Ben Franklin Elementary)
Mrs. Knutson's Class (South Middle School)
Ms. Kruger's Class (J. Nelson Kelly Elementary)
Mr. Kurtyka's Class (Discovery Elementary)
Miss Lee's Class (Winship Elementary)
Ms. Lewis's Classes (Red River High School)
Mr. Look's Class (Ben Franklin Elementary)
Mrs. McIntyre's Class (Winship Elementary)
Mrs. Mooney's Class (Discovery Elementary)
Mrs. Neil's Class (J. Nelson Kelly Elementary)
Mrs. Nikle's Class (West Elementary)
Mrs. O'Connor's Class (Discovery Elementary)
Mrs. Pedersen's Class (Discovery Elementary)
Mrs. Peters' Class (Discovery Elementary School)
Mrs. Restad's Class (Discovery Elementary)
Mrs. Ritland's Class (Viking Elementary)
Mr. Roche's Class (Valley Middle School)
Mrs. Sandvik's Class (J. Nelson Kelly Elementary)
Mrs. Sele's Class (Wilder Elementary)
Mrs. Smith's Class (Ben Franklin Elementary)
Mrs. Sporbert's Classroom (Discovery Elementary School)
Mrs. Starcevic's Classes (Lewis & Clark, Viking, Wilder)
Ms. Swangstue's Class (Ben Franklin Elementary)
Mrs. Thiery's Class (Discovery Elementary)
Mrs. Thompson's Class (Discovery Elementary)
Mrs. Trosen's Class (Winship Elementary)
Mrs. Vinje's Class (Lake Agassiz Elementary)
Mr. Voss's Class (Lake Agassiz Elementary)
Mrs. Wosick's Class (J. Nelson Kelly Elementary)
Artist in the Classroom/ArtWise
Century Elementary Media Center
Century Elementary School PTO
Discovery Elementary Student Leaders
Discovery Elementary Library
Discovery Elementary PTO
Elroy Schroeder Middle School Library
Elroy Schroeder Middle School PTO
GFPS Beginning Band
GFPS Career and Technical Education
GFPS Counseling Program
Grand Forks Central Counseling
Grand Forks Central DECA Chapter
Grand Forks Central Girls' Basketball
Grand Forks Central Girls' Golf
Grand Forks Central High School Athletics
Grand Forks Central HOSA
Grand Forks Central Library Media Center
Grand Forks Central Music Department
Grand Forks Central Physical Education
Grand Forks Central Volleyball
Grand Forks Foundation for Education
Grand Forks Lewis and Clark Elementary School PTO
J. Nelson Kelly Elementary School PTO
Little Red Reading Bus
Red River High School Athletics
Red River High School Cross Country
Red River High School Band
Red River High School Boys' Basketball
Red River High School Boys' Golf
Red River High School Boys' Soccer
Red River High School Boys' Tennis
Red River High School Boys' Track and Field
Red River High School Counseling
Red River High School DECA
Red River High School FACs Class
Red River High School Football
Red River High School Girls' Basketball
Red River High School Girls' Golf
Red River High School Girls' Soccer
Red River High School Girls' Tennis
Red River High School HOSA
Red River High School Music
Red River High School Orchestra
Red River High School Softball
Red River High School Store
Red River High School Student Council
Red River High School Theatre Guild
Red River High School Track and Field
Schoolwide Enrichment Program
Summer Performing Arts
Valley Middle School Student Leadership
Viking Elementary School PTO
West Elementary PTO
Ms. Iverson's Class (Lake Agassiz Elementary School)
Ms. Routier's Class (Viking Elementary)
Lake Agassiz Elementary School Library #LakeAgLibrary #gfpsla
Ms. Katka's Class (Phoenix Elementary)
Red River High School Robotics
Ms. Trader's Class (Discovery Elementary)