• ArtWise was incorporated as a non-profit elementary arts organization by a group of parent volunteers in 1993 for the purpose of supporting elementary visual arts programs in the Greater Grand Forks area.

    Support of ArtWise

    ArtWise is supported by a combination of grant and in-kind funding, the generous support of our members, and fundraising activities.  If you are interested in membership, please contact us at 701-787-4260.  Volunteers are also vital to the success of our programs.  Watch for information about volunteer opportunities.

    Mission of ArtWise

    The ArtWise mission is to give children in the Greater Grand Forks area opportunities to explore their unique abilities through the visual arts, to foster their self-esteem and to increase the community's awareness, appreciation, and participation in children's visual arts activities.

    ArtWise Programs

    ArtWise programs include the annual Spring Elementary Art Show, Summer Art By Children (ABC) Artist Reception and Business Art Lease and Winter ArtCamps4Kids. ArtWise also develops children's activities for local service club festivals.