• Artists in the Classroom

    The Artist in the Classroom program provides a full semester of instruction for each class, grades 1-5, and 10 weeks of instruction for kindergarten children. The artist and the classroom teacher form a team to help your child learn about art. Students:

    • Explore art from a variety of cultures, historical periods, and places
    • Create art through hands-on art activities such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and more
    • Develop critical thinking skills by observing, describing, and interpreting master artworks and their own artworks
    • ArtWise also provides an annual elementary ArtWise Art Show

    Parental involvement can strengthen our art program.  Your response to your child's artwork is important to your child's overall art experience.  Please ask your child to tell you about their artwork.  In some classrooms the artwork is kept in a portfolio to be brought home later in the year. 

    Our classroom artists hope to help your child develop imagination and that the art instruction will help your child perceive the world more clearly, understanding the perspectives of other people and cultures. We look forward to sharing in the creativity of your child.