• Certified Employee Transfer Procedure

    Certified Employees

    Assignments are made by the appropriate administrator according to the Grand Forks Public Schools personnel function matrix.

    North Dakota Century Code 15.1-15 sets guidelines for termination. Additionally, internal procedures shall be used to ensure consistent practices, as well as reasonable protection for certificated contracted employees.

    Procedures for both voluntary transfers and reassignments are outlined below. A "voluntary transfer" is one initiated by a certified contracted employee. A "reassignment" is recommended by the principal and/or program director and initiated by the appropriate district administrator and the personnel officer.

    Voluntary Transfer

    1. Job postings for vacancies or new positions must be posted on the school district’s website.
    2. A certified contracted employee is required to complete an "Internal Employee Application" available in the online application system found on the district website. Once the application is completed and active, the employee will be required to apply for each position for which they want to apply.
    3. A certified contracted employee will be eligible to apply for a transfer in their third year of contracted teaching for a job that will begin in their fourth contract year.
    4. No voluntary transfers will be considered for teachers that are on an Intensive Assistance Plan.
    5. All internal candidates will be considered by the hiring supervisor. This will include a thorough review of the employee’s credentials, experience, and recommendations. Factors reviewed will include: (a) Highly qualified status (b) Teaching or related experience including in-district and out of district (c) Recommendations from supervisors and colleagues (d) Continuing education (e) Extracurricular experience.
    6. If an internal candidate is selected to interview for a position, he/she will be required to complete the same interview process as other candidates.
    7. In general, a maximum of 10% but not less than one staff member will be approved for voluntary transfer in a given building. Staff are defined as all certified employees covered under the Teacher Negotiated Agreement. The Human Resources Manager will provide the 10% number to Principals annually.
    8. Voluntary transfers will not be considered, except in special circumstances, after May 1 for the following school year.
    9. Administration reserves the right to restrict or prohibit voluntary transfers in specialized areas of need.
    10. Transfer applicants shall be notified of their status as soon as possible. If the employee is not selected, reasons for the decision shall be communicated directly to the individual by the appropriate administrator.


    Declining enrollments or other factors such as, but not limited to, program changes or reductions, funding provisions, or program improvements, may require considering transfers which are not initiated by the certificated contracted employee.

    Voluntary transfer requests must be reviewed before reassignments occur.

    Certificated contracted employees considered for reassignment may request a meeting with the appropriate district administrator, at which time the employee will be able to state concerns relative to reassignment. The employee may have representation present at the meeting.

    Concerns of the certificated contracted employee will be given consideration in reassignment; however, the overriding consideration shall be establishing staffing patterns to best serve the students of the district.


    Revised: 3/6/2017