• General Sports Information

    The philosophy for Grand Forks Middle School Sports are programs that emphasize participation, sportsmanship, cooperation, team play, and competition.

    1. 12/24 hour rule: Parents should refrain from discussing issues with the coaches for twelve hours before a contest and twenty-four hours after a game.  This is the same rule used in high school.
    2. Eligibility: Citizenship and grades are computed on Tuesday. An ineligible student will be allowed to practice but not play in any contests from Wednesday to Wednesday. Any student with the following criteria will be ineligible: Grades- 2  or more Fs Citizenship-One 1 or Two 2s
    3. Morning practice: Students should enter through door #2 (gym door entrance) on days of morning practice. Doors should be open by 6:15 a.m.
    4. Cancellations/Postponements: If we are in school on days where events are canceled or postponed, students will be notified via a school announcement. Parents may check the South website for any information regarding cancellations or postponement.  On weekend events or early morning practices, parents and students should receive a call via a team calling tree, or parents may get the information via the web page or KNOX radio.  Mr. Brian Halvorson, Athletic Director for Grand Forks middle schools, will make the call.
    5. Transportation: Students will be required to ride the bus back to South after contests. Any parent who desires their son or daughter to ride home with them must sign a release form. The coaches will have copies of the form with them at games or parents may go to the South athletic website.  This applies only to away contests. There is no transportation provided on weekend games within the city limits.
    6. Twining Middle School Base Access: Forms for parents who desire to attend a contest for their child on the Grand Forks Air Force Base must fill out the proper information and turn in to the South office in order to be processed by the Grand Forks Air Force Base personnel.  Without the proper information, you WILL NOT be allowed to attend any games on the Grand Forks Air Force Base. This is a government regulation.