• Acceptable Use Policy

    Grand Forks Public Schools Acceptable Use of Technology Policy


    Introduction and Purpose 

    The Grand Forks Public School district provides technology resources for staff and students ("users") to support the educational mission of the district.  The district encourages efficient, cooperative and creative methods to perform the user's educational, administrative or job related tasks. The successful use of these resources requires adherence to a policy that promotes safety, efficiency and appropriate usage. 

    Technology resources provided by the district include but are not limited to:

    ·   Computers and related peripherals
    ·   Printers of all types
    ·   File and application servers
    ·   Telephones, fax, and voice mail systems
    ·   Local and wide area networks
    ·   Internet access
    ·   Email accounts
    ·   Video networks
    ·   Televisions, VCR's, and laserdisc players
    ·   Camcorders and cameras
    ·   Copy machines

    The efficient application of these resources requires the cooperative effort of district support personnel, staff and students.

    This policy governs issues unique to technology resources and works in accordance with district policies. 


    The district expects users to exhibit professional/responsible behaviors when using district technology resources. Use of district technology resources is a privilege that may be revoked if the expectations are not followed. 

    These expectations include:

    ·   Use of technology resources to support the educational mission of the district in an ethical and professional manner. The Grand Forks Public School District does not condone the use of defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal material and does not permit usage of such material at any time in the school environment.
    ·   Adherence to other district policies as they apply to technology resources.
    ·   Compliance with all local, state and federal laws.  This includes software piracy, copyright infringement and other legal issues.


    Individual privacy is not guaranteed when using district technology resources. Files and communications may be reviewed to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are adhering to the acceptable use policy and guidelines. Individuals should respect the privacy of other users and not intentionally seek private information. The district will cooperate with local, state, and federal authorities when necessary. 


    Security systems help maintain the integrity of district technology resources. Any attempt to circumvent, disable, or misuse security systems are prohibited.  If users feel they can identify a security problem, they should notify the district technology staff. 

    Internet Safety and Use of Filters 

    The Internet offers many valuable educational resources for users, but there are also safety issues that should be considered.  Internet safety issues include:

    ·   Keep your personal information private.  Don't give anyone your name, address, phone numbers, passwords or other personal information about yourself when online and students should always check with an adult before giving out any information online.
    ·   Don't read email or download attachments from people you don't know.  It is an easy way to infect your computer with a virus or be lured to an objectionable website.
    ·   Understand that nothing done on the Internet is private.  Records exist that document everything you do while online.
    ·   Tell a trusted adult or supervisor if someone says things or sends you something that you consider inappropriate.  Do not respond to the person either directly or indirectly.
    ·   Never meet online-only friends in person.  The people you meet online may be very different people in person.  You have no way to confirm the real identity of someone you meet online.
    ·   Practice proper 'Netiquette' while online and avoid conflicts with other users.

    The district provides a filtering system to limit user access to potentially objectionable material. No filtering system can provide complete protection and it is the users' responsibility to use Internet resources appropriately.  Staff must supervise students using Internet resources at all times.  Problems with the filtering system should be immediately reported to the district technology staff.

    Potentially objectionable material includes, but is not limited to: 

    ·   Visual depictions that are obscene or depict child pornography as defined by the Child Internet Protection Act.  
    ·   Violence/violent behavior
    ·   Drugs/drug culture
    ·   Cults/satanic
    ·   Militant/Extremist
    ·   Gambling
    ·   Alcohol/tobacco
    ·   Unrestricted email/chat 

    Electronic Mail and Internet Use 

    The district provides email accounts and Internet access for staff and students. The global and fluid natures of these resources require unique statements regarding their use in our district. Considerations when using these resources include:

    ·   Users must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy at all times when using the Internet and/or email, including after hours, weekend and/or holiday use.
    ·   Users are prohibited from using district email or Internet access for commercial or personal gain.
    ·   Users are prohibited from using district email or Internet access for unethical, illegal, or activities contrary to any district policy.
    ·   Material hosted on district servers and published on the Internet will be reviewed for appropriateness. Criteria will include student safety, student privacy and educational value.
    ·   Materials that represent Grand Forks Public Schools and is hosted on non-district servers should adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy.
    ·   District email accounts will be provided to all employees of the Grand Forks Public Schools on request.  Employee accounts may be revoked if used inappropriately as outlined in the Grand Forks Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy.
    ·   Student email accounts will be provided through Sendit Technology Services (STS) on request.  Students are not allowed to access non-approved email accounts while in school.  Student accounts may be revoked if used inappropriately as outlined in the STS Acceptable Use Policy or the Grand Forks Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy.


    Vandalism includes any malicious attempt to harm or destroy any Grand Forks Public School district equipment or software or the data of another user on a computer, local networks, or global networks. Vandalism is prohibited and may result in cancellation of privileges or other disciplinary action addressed in District Policy 5330.


    The building administrator and/or supervisor are responsible for applying sanctions when the Acceptable Use Policy has been violated.  Possible sanctions for any actions that violate the Acceptable Use Policy include but are not limited to:

    ·   Loss of access privileges to technology resources
    ·   Removal of students from classes with loss of credit
    ·   Termination of Employment
    ·   Expulsion
    ·   Restitution for damages to software, hardware, or other technical equipment
    ·   Restitution for costs associated with repair of equipment or software
    ·   Restitution for costs related to improper use of district telephone, fax or voicemail systems
    ·   Involvement of local, state or federal law enforcement
    ·   Disciplinary action deemed appropriate by building administrator/supervisor

    Legal Disclaimer 

    The Grand Forks Public School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing.  The district will not be responsible for any damages users may suffer.  This includes loss of data resulting from delay, non-delivery, miss-deliveries, or service interruptions, damages to personal property used to access school computers, networks, or on-line resources, or unauthorized financial obligations resulting from use of school accounts to access the Internet.  Use of any information obtained via the Internet is at your own risk.  Grand Forks Public Schools specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services.

    Since all transactions conducted through district technology resources could be perceived as authorized district activities, users of district technology resources are responsible for respecting and adhering to local, state, federal and international laws.  Any attempt to break those laws through the use of district technology resources may result in legal action against the offender by the district, injured third parties and/or governmental authorities.  If such an event should occur, the district will fully comply with any requests for information related to the legal proceeding, subject only to prohibitions of law.  The Grand Forks Public Schools will not be held liable for the actions of users violate the conditions of this document.