Gearing Up for Kindergarten

  • Gearing Up for Kindergarten is a parent and family education program supporting child development, school readiness, and healthy parenting. Gearing Up for Kindergarten combines preschool learning activities for children as well as educational opportunities for parents.

    Entering kindergarten is a major transition in the life of a child and his or her parents. Kids need to be ready for school; this program prepares parents and preschoolers for entry into elementary school and sets the stage for success in school.

    The program includes:

    • Classroom environment with parent, teacher, and preschooler
    • Preschooler works on social skills (sharing, taking turns and not interrupting, vocabulary, etc.)
    • Parent education on the importance of reading, children’s developmental stages, and age-appropriate activities to make and take home weekly
    • Great materials on the importance of the parent role in children’s school success

    As a parent, are you wondering:

    • Is my child ready for kindergarten?
    • Why is it important to read to my child?
    • How can I make a difference in my child’s education?
    • What kinds of activities can I do with my child to prepare for kindergarten?

    Questions a preschooler might have:

    • I wonder what it feels like being in a classroom?
    • What does the teacher expect of me?
    • What do I do in the classroom?
    • Are there rules?