Classes Offered

  • Conscious Discipline

    Adults use the 10 Steps to Positive Discipline/ Conscious Discipline to guide children without resorting to less-than-optimal behavior themselves. Positive discipline reflects the change in thinking from trying to control others with manipulative strategies to learning how to maintain self-control in order to teach children self-discipline. Adults maintain self-control and model confidence while teaching children the skills of cooperation and caring rather than fear and power over others. Conscious discipline provides adults with tools to create a safe, connected, and problem-solving environment.

    Gearing Up for Kindergarten

    Gearing Up for Kindergarten is a parent and family education program that supports child development, school readiness, and healthy parenting. Gearing Up for Kindergarten combines preschool learning activities for children as well as educational opportunities for parents. Entering kindergarten is a major transition in the life of a child and his or her parents. Kids need to be ready for school, and schools need to be ready for kids. That's why Gearing Up for Kindergarten offers educational classes that prepare parents and their children for success in school.

    Helping Your Child Control Anger

    Parents learn helpful techniques and ideas to help your child learn to manage angry feelings. Anger is a natural response to embarrassment, hurt feelings, being left out of a group, and other things that can happen with our relationships. Wise parents teach their children how to respond appropriately to those feelings and to master them in a manner that does not alienate others. Parents will learn levels and stages of anger, the Turtle Technique - a tool designed to help children think before they respond in anger and to recognize their own anger signals and responses when dealing with anger.

    Love and Logic: Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun

    Children do not come with an owners manual, so we offer this program to provide parents an opportunity to gain practical and proven tools for raising respectful, responsible, and happy kids! Through this program, you will learn techniques that: are simple and easy to learn; teach responsibility and character; lower your stress level; have immediate and positive effects; up the odds that, when the teenage years arrive.

    Parenting the Love and Logic Way

    Love and Logic helps in the parenting journey with tips and strategies that support the importance of raising responsible children:

    • Appropriate parental control
    • Appropriate consequences for behaviors
    • Empathetic responses to whining and behaviors
    • Set enforceable limits * Help children identify the problem
    • Design a strategy for resolving problems and situations