• May 3, 2017

    Dear Families:

    May is noted as Mental Health Awareness Month. It is a time to highlight the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms that may suggest someone is dealing with a mental health challenge, how to talk about your concerns, and how to connect them to help, if needed. Please refer to the document "Signs and Symptoms - What to Say" in the sidebar.

    Many of our youth have or currently are watching a popular Netflix series titled "13 Reasons Why." We can use this series as an opportunity to have conversation with youth about the topic of suicide and other mental health concerns. Please refer to the “13 Reasons Why" Talking Points (located in the sidebar), which will help you with this discussion, even if you have not watched it.

    Please consult with your son/daughter's school counselor, your primary doctor, or other mental health professionals about any questions or concerns you may have. Also consider adding hotline numbers to the contacts list in your phone now so you can access/share them when needed:

    • 1-800-273-Talk (1-800-273-8255): National Suicide Prevention Hotline (more than 150 languages offered)
    • 2-1-1: Provides confidential listening and support in addition to information and referral to local resources
    • 741741: Crisis Text Line

    Sincerely, Dr. Larry P. Nybladh, Superintendent of Schools

    Jody Thompson, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning