Discovery Trailblazer Expectations

  • Classroom

    • Participate and always do your best work
    • Listen to and follow directions the first time given
    • Use kind words and manners
    • Take care of materials


    • Greet others
    • Use quiet voices
    • Pay attention and listen for directions
    • Take care of your belongings  


    • Look and listen to the speaker
    • Participate appropriately with clapping, voice volume and raising hand quietly
    • Sit in your space
    • Enter and exit with quiet voices


    • Always flush
    • Give each other privacy
    • Get permission to use the bathroom and report any issues
    • Use 2 squirts of soap


    • Face forward, walk and keep to the right
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
    • Go straight to where you need to be


    • Practice good table manners
    • Use a quiet voice
    • Politely wait in line to be served
    • Wait to be excused and clean your space


    • Play cooperatively and take turns
    • Listen to adults
    • Take care of and use playground equipment appropriately
    • Dress for the weather