School History

  • Lake Agassiz Elementary School opened in 1961, and Mr. Arnold Bakke was the principal. The school consisted of nine teachers and staff, including the principal, secretary, and custodian. The original school was designed for 240 students. At one point, the lunchroom became classrooms and lunches were served in the gymnasium. The library had been moved to the foyer and teaching space for speech therapists, nursing, tutors, teaching aides, psychologists, and music was non-existent. A new addition was completed in 1976 and another in 2005. The school has changed significantly throughout the years.


    School Song

    We're a great, safe school
    We're responsible too.
    We're the best in the west we all say! LAKE AGASSIZ!

    Where the students sing
    To do the right thing
    We're kind and respectful each day!

    All our hearts beat true
    For our own Mustangs too!
    We're the best school in every way!

    We'll never ever be forgot
    Wear your purple and gold today! LAKE AGASSIZ!