Counseling Program


    The Lake Agassiz Elementary community is dedicated to the education of the whole child – intellectually, socially, emotionally, culturally and physically. Together we share the responsibility of helping each student reach his or her potential as a contributing citizen in our rapidly changing global society.

    Elementary School Counselors help students:

    • Understand self and develop a positive self-image
    • Show respect for the feelings and thoughts of others
    • Understand the decision-making process
    • Maintain effective relationships with peers and adults
    • Gain an understanding of the world of work
    • Develop effective study skills
    • Prepare to make the transition to middle school

    Core Curriculum: One role of the elementary counselor is to teach character development and conflict resolutions skills to all of our students. We provide core curriculum lessons that are designed to help students develop the skills they need to get along with others as well as make tough decisions confronting them daily.

    Counseling Services: Elementary counselors provide a variety of services to help all children reach their potential. Direct student services are provided to all students, such as: classroom core curriculum, individual planning, individual and small group counseling, and crisis intervention. Indirect student services are provided "on behalf" of students by consulting and collaborating with parents, teachers, and community resources.

    Individual Services: Another role is to assist students with their planning and managing of academic and personal/social development. At the elementary level we work with students, teachers, and parents to assist with 504 Accommodation Plans, Home/School Plans, and Behavior Plans.

    Responsive Services: Elementary counselors help address the immediate needs and concerns of students through individual or small group counseling, and crisis intervention. The role of the elementary counselor is to help students cope/deal with the situation, so they are better able to succeed in the classroom.

    Small Groups: Depending on the school and the need small group counseling sessions are offered to help and support students. Students may refer themselves to the group, or they can be referred by teachers or parents.