CTE Instructors

  • High School

    HS Aviation Technology
    Martin, Leslie - GF Area CT Center

    HS Business Education
    Sullivan, Megan - Central HS
    Jerde, Shari - Community HS
    Lennon, Trevor - Central HS
    Norby, Dustin - Red River HS
    Rood, Michael - Red River HS

    HS Career Education

    Larson, Joyce - Red River HS

    Davis,Cara - District
    Oettinger, Abby - Central HS

    HS Family and Consumer Sciences
    Beauchamp, Amy - Central HS
    Jerde, Shari - Community HS
    Jacobsen, Amanda - Red River HS
    Peterson, Rhonda - Central HS
    Walters, Beth - Red River HS
    Winkler, Lisa - Red River HS
    Stavnes, Ashley - Central HS

    HS Information Technology
    Buchhop, Zach - Central HS & GF Area CT Center
    Zettler, Paul - Red River HS & GF Area CT Center

    HS Marketing Education
    Norby, Dustin - Red River HS
    Polum, Brent - Red River HS
    Salander, Laurie - Central HS

    HS Medical Careers
    Hatt Rokke, Katie - GF Area CT Center
    Naastad, Linsey - Central HS
    Rowekamp, Dani - Red River HS

    HS Resource Education
    Ritcher, Rachael - Red River HS
    Theil, Tyler - Central HS

    HS Technology and Engineering Education
    Carlson, Nate - Central HS
    Moldenhauer, Ryan - Red River HS
    Ostgarden, Joey - Red River HS
    Schauer, Aaron - Red River HS

    HS Trades and Industry
    Moen, Ben - Building Trades - Red River HS
    Nelson, Kevin - Automotive Technology - Red River HS
    Schauer, Aaron - Building Trades - Red River HS
    Boehm, Cynthia - Graphic Arts - Central HS
    Strande, Paul - Building Trades - Central HS

  • Middle School

    MS Business Education
    Chandler, Katie - Schroeder MS
    Cummings, Aaron - Valley MS
    Roseland, Erik - South MS
    Port, Melissa - Twining MS

    MS Family and Consumer Sciences
    Bollman, Danielle - Valley MS
    Bryan, Becky - Schroeder MS
    Arnson, Deb - Twining MS
    Sevigny, Stephanie - South MS

    MS Technology and Engineering Education
    Johnson, Jay - South MS
    Kennedy, Andrew - Valley MS
    Ness, Grant - Schroeder MS
    Quinn, Roger - Twining MS
    Schraeder, Dan - Schroeder MS
    Solberg, Matt - South MS
    Stempinski, John - Valley MS