Intramural Directors: Randy Votava, Jay Johnson, Sally Akerlind, and Matt Solberg

    Season I Intramurals (Aug/Sept/Oct)

    * Flag Football (Starting Aug. 28th, 2019)

      - Intramural Flag Football 2019-20

    * Girls Soccer (Starting Aug. 28th, 2019)

      - Practice will be Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30

      - Intramural Soccer 2019-20

    Season II Intramurals (Oct/Nov/Dec)

    * Court Sports: example-volleyball, Passball, Sidewalk Tennis, etc

         - Starting October 22nd 3:30-4:30 (Mon-Thurs)

      Court Sports Calendar

    * Wrestling (coop with Schroeder/practices held at Schroeder)

         - Starts Thursday October 24th

    Season III Intramurals (Jan/Feb)

    * Ping Pong

    Season IV Intramurals (March/April)

    * Co-Ed Basketball

         - Starting March 2nd (Mondays/Thursdays)

         - Contact Randy Votava or Bill Chase with questions

    Season V Intramurals (April/May)

    * Co-Ed Cross Country (dependent on weather)

    * Three cross country events

    Grand Forks City Track Meet (Held through PE class/No cost/All participate)

    * Grand Forks 6th Grade Track Meet (May 23, 2019)/Make up date (May 24, 2019)