• South Middle School Yearbook

    Supervisor: Mrs. Ostgarden

  • Pricing and Sales Information:

    South creates a yearbook every year for students to purchase. The pricing is a tiered system. The dates stay the same every year:

    • Before September 15th: $16.00 (Early Bird Pricing!!)
    • September 16th-December 31st: $18.00
    • January 1st –End of the school year: $20.00

    Ordering can be done two different ways:

    1. Online until May 1st at www.jostens.com
    2. Cash or check (to GFPS) to the main office

    Personalization: You may personalize the yearbook with your name or with icons.

    Early Bird Price before September 15th: Personalization of Name for $5 and 4 FREE Icons.

    September 16th to February 15th: Name is $5.00 and Icons are $3 each.

    Distribution of Yearbooks: End of the school year (May)

    FERPA Information:

    When students register every school year, parents are asked to fill out a Student Information Opt-Out Form. This is for personal information to be shared or not shared online, newspapers, yearbooks, etc. If you select Option A, it states:

    “I do NOT want directory information about my child disclosed. Grand Forks Public Schools has designated the following information as directory information: student’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, grade level, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, awards received, musical instruments played. If you select this option, your child’s information will not appear in yearbooks, graduation programs, news releases, etc.”

    This means I cannot use your child’s school picture in the yearbook because it will be associated with their name. I mail out letters asking for permission when school starts and are due in November. If parents don’t sign the permission slip, you will not be seeing your child’s school picture in the yearbook. Just want to let you be aware. I do have students ask when the books get handed out in May.

    Individual pictures are done in September with makeups in October. Group pictures for music groups or activities are in January. Sports groups are done every season block. All pictures are taken by Caulfields Photography.

    ReplayIt Information:

    If you have pictures that you would like to submit to South’s Yearbook, here are some ways you can share them:

    ReplayIt App: The ReplayIt App is a FREE app you can download onto your phone. Create a login with your email and password. You will need to connect with South Middle School, Grand Forks, ND.

    The password: Spartan1 (that’s a number 1)

    Old Yearbooks Available:

    There is a selection of past yearbooks that are available at a free will donation to help our yearbook account. The starting year is 1979-1980 school year. If you want more information or would like an older yearbook, please email tostgarden220@mygfschools.org.

    Contact Information:

    If there are any other questions/concerns, please send all emails to Theresa Ostgarden at tostgarden220@mygfschools.org.