• Through our mission, we are always looking to join forces with other partners and organizations that will help us make a bigger impact on the lives of the students we serve. With this vision in mind, we are excited to share our partnership with Purposity!

    Purposity allows our community to quickly and easily lend a hand to a student in need, right from your phone. By simply signing up on their website, users are sent an email once a week with a specific physical need they can meet. Would you help if a student in your child’s class needed shoes? We think so. With just a few clicks, the items are sent to our school social workers, and get into the hands of our students quickly, allowing more time to focus on the long-term needs of our students.

    Additionally, this new tool also lets the community know about the powerful work we’re doing and tells the stories of the students we serve while giving our supporters another opportunity to quickly get involved in lending a hand to a child in our community.

    To be a part of the Purposity movement, and help us continue our critical work, please visit https://www.purposity.com/organization/GrandForksPublicSchools and sign up. And please share with your family and friends in the Grand Forks area!