Transportation Policy

  • Routes

    Dietrich’s of Grand Forks, a division of Dietrich Bus Service, currently holds the contract for Grand Forks Public Schools. Routes that were established in the past have slowly changed over the years as far as boundaries are concerned and will continue to change depending on needs and future boundary changes. Currently, the contract serves the following:

    • Special Education – all schools
    • English Language (EL) - Winship Elementary School, Century Elementary School, South Middle School, and Red River High School
    • Century Elementary School – boundary limits and country
    • Discovery Elementary School – boundary limits and country
    • Elroy Schroeder Middle School – PM only, boundary limits
    • Grand Forks Central High School - Grand Forks Air Force Base; Country and West of North 42 Street
    • J Nelson Kelly Elementary School – PM only, boundary limits
    • Lake Agassiz Elementary School - country and West of North 42 Street
    • South Middle School – boundary limits and country
    • Valley Middle School – country and West of North 42 Street; South of Demers Avenue
    • Viking Elementary School – west of South Washington Street
    • Wilder Elementary School - country and west of North 42 Street

    Bus Safety and Discipline

    The safety of student transportation is if utmost concern to transportation officials, school district administrators, and Dietrich Bus Service. Drivers’ qualifications, vehicle condition, daily weather, and student discipline are all closely monitored. Riding the school bus to and from school is considered a privilege. Bus riding privileges may be withdrawn for students who do not abide by the rules and who interfere with the safe operation of the bus. It has been stressed often that the bus is an extension of the school and that the same rules apply for both. Typical discipline issues on the bus include but are not limited to:

    • Throwing items that may result in injury
    • Refusal to sit in an assigned seat
    • Insubordination
    • Hitting
    • Verbal abuse /bullying
    • Destruction of property
    • Obscene language/gestures
    • Body parts/littering out windows

    Dietrich’s uses the 3-strike system for dealing with the majority of these issues.

    • Number one is a verbal warning with a follow-up report made to their office.
    • Number two, an assigned seat, a report, and another verbal warning reminding the student that another incident may result in losing riding privileges.
    • Number three is a phone call and/or a letter to parents letting them know that privileges will be removed, starting date, longevity, and nature of the offense. Longevity is usually 3-5 days depending on severity and attitude at Dietrich’s discretion.
    • More serious offenses such as tobacco use, possession or use of weapons, sexual acts, and fighting will result in immediate removal from the bus followed up with a phone call and letter.
    • The school district may at their discretion increase the number of days a student will lose the privilege of riding the bus based on the offense.  The bus company will work with school principals and families on a positive solution before strike three occurs.  It is in everyone’s best interest to not remove students from the bus unless it becomes a safety issue for other passengers.  If a student is suspended from a bus, they are suspended from all other route buses as well.


    1. Eating and drinking on route buses are not allowed.
    2. Students need to be waiting at their bus stops at the designated times given to them by Dietrich’s and the drivers. Buses cannot wait for students at bus stops.  It is understood that weather and temperatures can make waiting for the bus difficult.  Students should watch for buses during extreme weather and make their way to the bus stop as soon as they see the bus coming to prevent missing it. 
    3. Several factors may cause a bus to run late. Inclement weather, traffic, trains, emergency situations, and equipment malfunction can all affect a route. Some extra time is built into all routes for these reasons but can still affect times in some instances.  If an issue occurs with a bus, another bus will be dispatched immediately but may delay a route significantly. Schools will be notified if a bus will arrive after the bell rings.
    4. Decisions on school cancellations, late start, and early release are made by district administration and will be communicated to you by Grand Forks Public Schools.