Citizenship Rubric for Weekly Conduct Grades


    Pride in Self

    Pride in Others

    Pride in School


    Commendable Thunderbird Behavior 4

    • Shows model behavior

    • Demonstrates leadership  & initiative

    • Goes above and beyond expectations

    • Actively participates in academics

    • ls helpful to other students

    • Shares knowledge

    • Uses positive, caring, and kind language

    • Enjoys being around others

    • Picks up after himself or herself

    • Leader in the classroom

    • Organizes outside groups

    • Contributes to school appearance, posters, projects

    • Demonstrates excellent sportsmanship


    Acceptable Thunderbird Behavior 3

    • Is a compliant student

    • Shows responsibility for learning

    • Always prepared and productive

    • Respects opinions and beliefs of all

    • Participates effectively in a group

    • Is careful with belongings of others

    • Speaks proudly of Twining

    • Shows excellent school spirit

    • Helps keep Twining clean

    • Participates in classroom and school activities


    Needs Improvement 2

    (Below the Line)

    • Demonstrates limited effort

    • Is often inconsistent

    • Uses poor language

    • Is distracting to others

    • Sometimes Off-task

    • Sometimes does not complete work or often hands in work late

    • Demonstrates Below the Line Behavior

    • Is sometimes interruptive

    • Causes a distraction to classroom

    • Discourteous or uncaring around others

    • Leaves messes behind

    •  Disrupts school events

    • Misuses school property

    • Does not participate in classroom and school-day events and/or  required activities



    Not Acceptable 1

    (Bottom Line)

    • Intentionally unproductive in class

    • Shows complete lack of effort

    • Demonstrates bottom line behaviors

    • Often provokes others

    • Makes disrespectful comments to classmates

    • Inhibits learning

    • Refuses group work

    • Bullies, teases, or physically hurts others

    • Vandalizes school property

    • Disrespectful language  [Vulgar/Obscene)

    • Continuous non­ participant in classroom and agreed upon school activities

    • Has poor attendance

    • Continually tardy