About Our School

  • Greetings from Lake Agassiz Elementary School!

    Lake Agassiz Elementary is located in Grand Forks, North Dakota and part of the Grand Forks Public School District. The school enrolls approximately 400 students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. Lake Agassiz is proud to be working towards becoming an AVID Elementary School. AVID engages young learners and provides them with the critical skills to become confident, independent thinkers who have a thirst for learning. At Lake Agassiz we are committed to making learning more meaningful and engaging through our consistent and persistent focus on student relationships and connections to both their learning and their teachers.  

    Our school is a safe and happy learning environment. Our staff members work collaboratively to support all students and we build positive relationships and consider the best needs of each child. In 2019, we were certified High Reliability School Level 1: Safe and Collaborative and we continue to improve our systems and maximize collaboration for the enhancement of student learning.

    HRS Level 1 has 8 leading indicators that include:

    • Faculty and staff perceive the school environment as safe and orderly.
    • Students, parents, and the community perceive the school environment as safe and orderly.
    • Teachers are given formal roles in the decision-making process for school initiatives.
    • Teachers and staff work collaboratively to address common issues regarding curriculum, assessment, instruction, and academic success of all students.
    • Faculty and staff have formal ways to give input regarding optimal operations of the school.
    • Parents, students and community members have formal ways to give input regarding optimal operations of the school.
    • Success of the school as a whole as well as individuals within the school, is appropriately recognized.
    • Management of fiscal, operational, and technological resources directly supports teachers.

    We look forward to being HRS Level 2 certified in 2023.

    If you are planning to enroll your child at Lake Agassiz School, please contact our school office at (701) 746-2275 and Connie and Laurie, our school office personnel, will be happy to assist you. If you currently have a child at Lake Agassiz School, a reminder to follow us on Twitter @LakeAgassizGFPS to get a glimpse inside your child’s school day.

    Follow Lake Agassiz Mustangs PTO on Facebook for reminders, news, and more.

    Your child's education and well-being are our priority. We know that a "sense of belonging" is imperative to student success. We look forward to partnering with parents to ensure our students grow and learn at Lake Agassiz- where they BELONG!


    Angie Jonasson



    Cassaundra Riewer

    Associate Principal