Meet Our Team

  • Technology                                                                                              Curriculum and Instruction

    Eric Ripley

    Executive Director

    Amy Bartsch

    Chief Academic Officer

    Mary Tingberg 

    Administrative Assistant

    Deb Koopman

    Administrative  Assistant

    Spencer Anderson


    Elizabeth Berger  

    Instructional Design Coach, Nathan Twining Elementary & Middle School  

    Jeff Compton

    Network Services Coordinator

    Sarah Bry  

    Instructional Design Coach, Lewis & Clark Elementary  

    Logan Corneliusen


    Nikki Bushee  

    Textbook / Title

    John Fredlund


    Heather Chatham  

    Family Engagement (birth-5 years old)  

    Jake Geffre

    Theatre Technician

    Jana Makovsky 

    Instructional Design Coach, Phoenix Elementary School  

    Dave Jorgenson


    Andrea Eklund  

    Literacy Coach, High School  

    Les Knaack Technician



    Jake Purpur 

    Data Services Coordinator 

    Julie Gause  

    Enrichment Coordinator  

    Thomas Zeiszler Technician

    Michelle Gregoire  

    Instructional Design Coach, Century Elementary School 


    Carla Haaven  

    Instructional Design Coach, South Middle School  


    Jennifer Helgeson

    Instructional Design Coach, Wilder Elementary School



    Shirley Johnson Administrative Assistant



    Nicole Krefting

    Elementary School Curriculum Coordinator


    Robyn Lafferty

    Textbook / Title






    Rebecca Lord

    Instructional Design Coach, Valley Middle School

    Tiffany Mannausau

    Instructional Design Coach, J Nelson Kelly Elementary School

    Leah McCarthy

    Middle School Literacy Coach

    Kari Melland

    Instructional Design Coach, Discovery Elementary

    LeeAnn Miller

    Instructional Design Coach, Lake Agassiz Elementary School

    Lorraine O'Shea

    Middle/High School Curriculum Coordinator

    Amy Rohlk

    Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coordinator - Secondary

    Kristy Sandbeck

    Instructional Design Coach, Elroy Schroeder Middle School

    Eric Sanders

    Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), Red River High School

    Wini Sattler


    Tami Schumacher

    Elementary LIteracy Coach

    Jessica Sporbert

    Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coordinator - Elementary

    Kristin Spradlin

    Instructional Design Coach, Ben Franklin Elementary School

    Dave Tack

    Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) Coordinator

    Samantha Thompson

    Instructional Design Coach, Viking Elementary School

    Martie Wesley

    Instructional Design Coach, Winship Elementary School