April 12, 2019

  • NAPC MEETING |  April 12th, 2019 |  Mark Sanford Education Center

    Attendance: Jody Thompson, Taunya Schleicher, Chad Ward, Harmony Bercier, Sonya Anderson, Holly Long, Courtney Souvannasacd.

    Meeting called to order.

    Preview of Agenda

    Old Business

    1. September 21st Minutes
      1. Motion for approval
      2. Motion approved by Harmony Bercier
    2. March 6th Minutes
      1. Motion for approval
      2. Motion approved by Harmony Bercier

    New Business

    1. Fund grant, supply cost. Must spend $5,000 in the budget.
      1. Committee discussed possible ways to spend supply budget.
        1. Art supplies for a workshop/social class
        2. Dream catcher session/class
        3. “How-to” class for ribbon skirts
        4. Ceading class/mocassin class
      2. Committee will look through supplies before ordering
    2. Transportation is the main issue with people attending classes
    3. Consistency is another issue with people attending classes
      1. Committee will plan on meeting before school starts in the fall to plan out events for the 2019-2020 school year
      2. NAPC member will create an agenda and possible meet monthly over summer break
    4. Discuss ways to secure vendors for projects such as teepee with Sterling
    5. Discuss collaboration with East Grand Forks’ NAPC
      1. UND powwow, members volunteer for two hour shift for booth
      2. Career day, members will attend and bring dessert
      3. Graduation party for Native American students will be a collaboration between both EGF and GF’s NAPC groups, will be help at Central Middle School
    6. Invite Grand Forks Public Schools social workers to attend NAPC meeting
      1. Social workers state they only have 260 backpacks for students who do not have school supplies.
      2. Limited amount which are leftovers that are donated
    7. Outreach
      1. Ideas to increase numbers
        1. Attend open house for Grand Forks Public Schools
        2. Set up booths at fairs, school events
        3. More meetings, possibly monthly
        4. Marketing NAPC throughout the community
        5. Reach out to parents to let them know who is on the committee
    8. Funding
      1. JOM possible
      2. Indian Education grant
      3. Meet after Easter to discuss budget allocations
      4. Chad will contact Three Affiliated tribe for possible donations
      5. Discuss with school district about adding to the budget for Coordinator/Liaison position
      6. Jody discuss review of Coordinator position
      7. NAPC members look over grant before next meeting
      8. Plan to discuss meeting to sign off on budget.

    Next meeting will be set at a later date.