June 4, 2019

  • NAPC MEETING MINUTES |   JUNE 4TH, 2019 |  Mark Sanford Education Center, Grand Forks ND

    Attendance: Jody Thompson, Dr. Terry Brenner, Suraya Driscoll, Chad Ward, Harmony Bercier, Sonya Anderson, Holly Long, Courtney Ceroll.

    Meeting called to order,

    Preview of Agenda

    1. Guests
      1. Dr. Brenner introduction to Native American Parent Committee
      2. East Grand Forks introduction
        1. Collaboration for the current school is going great and hopes to continue in the future
        2. EGF has a $25,000 grant
        3. EGF NAPC would like to continue the partnership with Grand Forks NAPC as long as the mission for the committees meets Minnesota's five-goal legislation

    Old Business

    1. Meeting minutes for March 6th, April 12th, April 17th, April 23rd, May 13th
    2. Motion to approve minutes- Sonya, Second by Harmony, all agreed

    New Business

    1. NAPC By-Laws – Change the board by adding two students, one teacher, to a 3-term seat
    2. Motion to Change – Sonya, Second by Courtney Ceroll
    3. Attendance requirements for NAPC meetings – section 5, page
    4. Parent suggestion – meeting after hours so parents can attend
    5. Pick a night every month – discuss next meeting, set schedule
    6. JOM SWST – Chad will continue to obtain support
    7. Stakeholder meeting
    8. Includes Head Start children
    9. Research if funding available for Head Start children
    10. Jody will contact the director of Grand Forks Head Start to increase numbers
    11. Shakopee funding: $5000, kindergarten through 8th grade bus tickets
    12. MHA Ruth H work with education rep, no set amount
    13. Turtle Mountain - favorable to donation annually- Cristy P//Jamie Azure
    14. Strategic Planning
      1. Meet over the summer
      2. Pan calendar
      3. Teachers from schools – chad
      4. Open houses
      5. Culture events
      6. Session with junior high to prep for high school
      7. Junior and senior prep
      8. Native American Heritage month – Nov 13th proposed date for Culture Night
      9. Career night – Feb 26th, 2020
      10. Graduation celebration- May 13th, 2020
        1. Collaborate with East Grand Forks
      11. Communication/Marketing
        1. Outreach
        2. Parent advocate at each school
        3. Thank you cards for donations and grants
        4. Coordinate with RRHS so NAPC will not replicate events
      12. Sterling Owen – Presentation – teachings, topic depends on grade
        1. Partner with EGF?
        2. Invite Sterling to meeting
      13. Ashley Hanna Volunteering
        1. Qualifications
        2. Overall could be beneficial
        3. Meet with Ashley
        4. Possible trial run