Community Planning Task Force

  • The community planning task force will explore what the long-term facility master plan should look like and how this impacts the long-term technology and long-term financial planning efforts from a scope and cost standpoint. The School Boards are particularly interested in having a broad and diverse representation of the community involved in this work, therefore there is an application that can be filled out that will allow the School Boards and Districts to populate the task force in the most appropriate way. It is important to understand that this task force will be made up of entirely community members and will not include School Board Members or district administration. Meetings will be facilitated independently of the school districts and this will be an important opportunity for the community to be engaged in this work and offer their unique voice in the process.

    The task force is scheduled to begin meeting in March and complete their work in the fall. This will provide the School Boards time to work with the recommendations and feedback from the task force along with other information and formulate a plan that will likely culminate with a potential referendum in the spring of 2021.

    • Meeting Timeframe: Anticipated twice per month – March through September (12 total meetings)
    • Meeting Time: Evening meetings – approximately 2-1/2 hours each

    Application Process
    An application can be obtained online or in-person at the School Board Public Forum (February 10h, 2020) or at the District Office. The application will allow for potential participants to share the unique attributes they bring to the diverse nature of the group – more than just parents are needed. Only 40-50 participants can be accommodated but those who are not selected will be provided other opportunities to participate in the process.