Pet Therapy Information

  • Thanks to the collective efforts of volunteer pet therapy teams in the greater Grand Forks region, Grand Forks Public Schools is able to enjoy the benefits these teams can provide to students and staff in our schools. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the specifics of our pet therapy initiative.

    • Pet therapy teams can be requested for many different locations and experiences in the schools.
      • They may be requested for common areas (entrance to the school, recess areas, school library, etc.).
      • They may be invited in for a classroom visit or to deliver or be a part of a class presentation.
      • Counselors, social workers, and special educators may invite them in to be a part of a small group experience or to meet with an individual student.
      • They could even be invited in for areas frequented primarily by staff such as the school office or teacher’s lounge.
    • Pet therapy teams are volunteers and they can not be compensated for their service.
      • The handlers have gone through a background check and have agreed to follow policies for GFPS staff.
    • Personal pets are not allowed in the schools - only dogs who are recognized as members of the GFPS Pet Therapy teams participate in this program.
      • Teams have gone through testing and observation to be credentialed by Alliance of Therapy Dogs and dogs are current with their vaccinations.
      • Pet therapy teams have been issued GFPS volunteer badges.

    If you know of additional pet therapy teams interested in volunteering or if you have any other questions or concerns, they can be directed to Geoff Gaukler, Mental Health Coordinator, at 787-4874 or extension 7154.