Stories of Caring

  • Mental Health Matters. A Grand Forks Community Collaborative.

    Why Care?

    Care has the power to make a life-changing impact on those affected by mental health conditions.  People feel heard when someone cares. People feel loved when someone cares. People recover when someone cares. Society changes when people care.

    Together we can make Grand Forks an emotionally healthy place to live where people receive the help they need to thrive and succeed!

    Sometimes all it takes is showing that you care!

    How do you show care?

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness recently started a “Why Care?” campaign, asking people to show how they care about mental health.

    Let’s start the conversation locally by reminding our community that #GFCARES.

    Now we invite you to share your story about how you are making a difference in our community by showing care for others, or how support or care from others has affected you.

    Help us assemble these stories of caring! 

    Send your stories electronically to so we can share them anonymously on our website.