Sources of Strength Blessing

  • May we have the wisdom to use our knowledge
    To help, to heal, to calm fears.
    May we use our Strengths
    To remain physically isolated
    But relationally connected.
    May we be creative
    Finding and exploring new Healthy Activities
    That energize, calm, and balance our lives.
    May we practice Generosity
    Not siloing ourselves emotionally
    Nor hoarding physical items
    But maintaining a spirit of help and abundance.
    May we devote time and presence
    Through screens and social media
    To those that may be feeling most alone.
    May we practice gratitude daily
    Naming what we are thankful for,
    Say it, share it, sing it out each day.
    Even in the midst of our difficulty, challenges, and burdens
    May we be open to growth.
    May we share our own resources
    To those in financial, emotional, physical, or spiritual need.
    May WE ask for help when WE need it.
    May our medical and mental health community
    Receive the resources they need to
    Have fortitude during this time.
    May the system dreamers find new and creative ways to reach those most in need.
    As we draw back toward home, family, tribe, and nation
    May we be reminded, in our spirit, that all are relatives on this earth.
    May we be reminded, in our hearts that no matter where this virus hits,
    It is not Them, but Us.

    Mark LoMurray, Founder