Color-Coded Health Guidance System

  • The state will provide specific direction to North Dakota residents and businesses through a color-coded health guidance system. The guidance system includes five levels of risk: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Each level of guidance after red becomes progressively less restrictive and more economically engaged. Every level protects public health and outlines necessary mitigation strategies. Each level is guided by a rigorous measurement system, based on criteria such as number of cases reported, positivity rates, testing capacity, hospital capacity, occurrence of point-source outbreaks, level of community spread, vulnerable populations affected and ability to protect, the availability of PPE, etc. This allows community leaders, business leaders, policymakers and the general public to safely determine when a different color of health guidance applies. North Dakotans should think of the guidance system as a dial that can be turned up or down by area based on the health risk.

Five Categories

  • Red / Critical Risk

  • Orange / High Risk

  • Yellow / Moderate Risk

  • Green / Low Risk

  • Blue / New Normal