Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocols

TEXT: Cleaning & Disinfecting Protocols

  • Health and Hygiene

    • Training for all employees and students.

    • Additional hand sanitizers throughout buildings.

    • Hand washing multiple times.

    • Strive for 6-foot physical distance.

    • Masks worn in communal spaces / when physical distancing cannot be achieved.

    • High-touch surfaces disinfected multiple times during the school day.

    Arrival and Dismissal

    • Students / Employees temperature and symptom check at home.

    • Students / Employees must wear a mask when entering / exiting the school.

    • Wash / Sanitize hands upon arrival in building.

    Bus Transportation

    • All drivers and monitors will wear masks.

    • All students on the regular routes and EL routes will wear masks.

    • Drivers will wear gloves when handling wheelchairs and lifts.

    • Physical distancing will be utilized.

    • Seats will be assigned. Those living in the same household can share - 3 per seat in elementary and two per seat in middle and high school. 

    • Physical contact will not be allowed.

    • Additional cleaning and sanitation procedures will be used.

    • Bus privileges can be removed if rules are not followed.

    Facilities & Routines

    • Non-essential visitors are not allowed. Essential visitors must wear masks.

    • Reorganization of rooms to allow for increased physical space.

    • No large group assemblies.

    • No facility rentals.

    • Water fountains limited to bottle fillers and classroom use.

    • Students wash hands before and after recess.

    Breakfast & Lunch

    • Students wash hands prior to eating.

    • Food items are individually packaged or served by food service employees.

    • Food sharing is not allowed.

    • Meals will be eaten in the lunchroom or designated area.

    • Touch-free checkout will be used.


    • Computer lab equipment will be disinfected using GFPS-supplied materials at the beginning of each class period.

    • Devices in classroom will be disinfected using GFPS-supplied materials prior to student use.

    • Disinfecting wipes are available for students to disinfect their 1:1 device (iPad / Chromebook).

    Isolation Protocol if Symptomatic at School 

    • Mask required.

    • The student would be isolated and will be monitored by a designated staff member.

    • Parent / Guardian / Emergency contact would pick up the student (no bus transportation allowed).

    • If deemed an emergency, an ambulance will be called.

    • If an employee becomes symptomatic at school, they will be sent home.