GFPS Activities Spectator Attendance Matrix

TEXT VERSION: GFPS Activities Spectator Attendance Information

  • GFPS is committed to taking safety measures that will increase the likelihood our students have an ongoing opportunity to play, perform, and compete in the activities they enjoy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also understand decisions we make have a compounding effect on our greater community. The matrix below will help us make decisions around whether or not to allow spectators at our events during these unprecedented times.

  • GREEN Level 1: Low Risk

  • YELLOW Level 2: Moderate Risk

  • ORANGE Level 3: High Risk

  • RED Level 4: Severe Risk

  • All decisions will be made according to three-day risk level reports in Grand Forks County according to Grand Forks Public Health. Risk levels are determined by a weighted average of new cases per 100,000; completed tests in the last seven days per 100,000; average percent positivity in the last seven days; percent change in new COVID cases; and hospital capacity.

    NOTE: ticket numbers are predictions for varsity level athletics and high school arts-based activities and the venues they utilize. Final ticket numbers may be modified according to venue size / capacity for other levels and activities.

    Updated August 25, 2020